Raffles’ ladies

We all think we know Sir Stamford Raffles. He was a hero; or a villain. A visionary; or an opportunist. He founded Singapore; or he stole it…

But what about Tom Raffles? The young clerk who fell in love with a scandalous beauty. The economic migrant who toiled and travelled to pay off debt. The tragic father who buried his children one-by-one in foreign soil.

Raffles’ personal and professional story has been retold in Olivia & Sophia, a novel in the form of the fictionalised diaries of the two wives who shared his adventure through South East Asia. In this podcast, Jo Furniss speaks to the book’s British author, Rosie Milne.

Buy Olivia & Sophia in book shops in Singapore. Hear Rosie Milne speaking about the novel at the Asian Civilisations Museum in February: http://www.fom.sg/monday-morning-lectures/olivia-sophia

Rosie Milne
Rosie Milne


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