Writing the City

Writing the City
with Jon Gresham

  • a Pi Xiu flies to the rescue of a bewildered protagonist soaring beyond the grasp of the outstretched arms of an earth bound witch,
  • in a parallel universe of hybrid superheroes and Singaporean ‘myths’, Bucky Barnes settles in Singapore, and Syonan-to is a device of either alien or supernatural origin that acts as a key to a demonic book,
  • a couple listen as their doctor breaks the news that both their young daughters have an excessive curvature of the spine,
  • a kacang puteh seller goes viral and leverages social media to rebuild his business,
  • a mother benefits from the spiritual fruits of a chakka or jackfruit tree,
  • a young man in Toa Payoh library takes refuge from a storm and begins writing the epic adventures of the Nanyang Trader.

These are just some of the stories that members of Writing the City have shared together over the last year. At Writing the City we talk about literature, develop our writing craft and technique, conduct written exercises, and share our stories.

Last year, we enjoyed talking to wonderful Singapore writers like:

  • Boey Kim Cheng, who shared how he wrote his essay, Guantanamera, and discussed Tobias Wolff’s Bullet in the Brain, and
  • Daryl Qilin Yam, author of the Epigram Fiction Prize long listed, Kappa Quartet, who discussed his writing journey and getting published in Singapore.

In March we have dramatist, Jean Tay, running a workshop on dramatic storytelling.

We’re a diverse group originating from Ang Mo Kio to Dublin, via Clementi and Newcastle. There are business people, engineers, teachers and entrepreneurs, nurses and students, all with a desire to create their own stories and poems. We see creative writing as an important way to find connection in a fragmented, stressed and partisan world. All are welcome to our monthly workshops.

This year Writing the City will hold workshops at Toa Payoh Library, The Arts House and National Gallery, and due to excess demand additional workshops will be held in Sing Lit Station’s new premises at Jalan Kubor on dates to be announced soon.

The Writing the City workshops scheduled for 2017:

Date Time Venue Topic
4 Mar 17 2 – 4 pm Toa Payoh Library  SG Author: Jean Tay on Dramatic storytelling
8 Apr 17 130pm – 330pm The Arts House – Council Room  How to read like a writer
20 May 17 2 – 4 pm National Gallery  Ekphrasis: Visit to the National Gallery
17 Jun 17 2 – 4 pm The Arts House – Council Room  What makes a Story?
15 Jul 17 2 – 4 pm The Arts House – Council Room  Beginnings & endings
19 Aug 17 2 – 4 pm Toa Payoh Library  Plot & Scene
16 Sept 17 2 – 4 pm The Arts House – Council Room  Time: Backwards & forwards
21 Oct 17 2 – 4 pm Toa Payoh Library  Poetry & Prose
18 Nov 17 2 – 4 pm Toa Payoh Library  Revision & editing
16 Dec 17 2 – 4 pm Toa Payoh Library  Surprise guest (not Father Christmas)

Sing Lit Station is a literary non-profit organisation, a registered charity and Institution of Public Character (IPC) based in Singapore. Through our programmes and initiatives, we want to be a platform where writers and readers can meet.

At Sing Lit Station we run workshops to:

  • develop craft and technique, and
  • provide an important outlet for people to open up and share their ideas and imaginings concerning the role of the self in the world.

We believe creative writing skills are important to help everyone explore, articulate and share how people relate to others in their communities, families and social groups in Singapore. If you wish to join our mailing list or require more information contact facilitator Jon Gresham at jongresham11@gmail.com or visit his blog, Igloomelts.

Presented by Sing Lit Station and supported by the National Library Board and the British Council.



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